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Nice to meet you.


I’m Nadina Osmani; Liverpool’s foremost Scouse-Bosnian Creative. By foremost, I mean only. There are three Bosnians in Liverpool - the other two are my parents and they both work in schools.

I’m an art director, video specialist and fashion lover who is currently working as a Content and Creative Manager at Tech Nation. Day to day I’m responsible for the creation of video, design and content; be that making it myself or managing freelancers - but I also creatively directed our company rebrand.

I love fashion, subculture and pretty much anything from Japan.

Key Skills

  • Planning and executing marketing campaigns

  • Planning and executing social-first video campaigns

  • Art direction for video, digital design and print

  • Self-shooting director and video editor

  • Managing creative projects

  • Branding, digital and print design

  • Written content creation and editing

  • Specialism in designing content for accessibility

  • Knowledge of social media best practise and trends

Career Achievements

  • Delivered a successful re-brand for Tech Nation, improving team morale and credibility with external stakeholders

  • Planned and delivered a successful video campaign for Tech Nation which gained over 200k organic views

  • First female filmmaker commissioned by FACT Liverpool to create a short film

  • Designed and launched a brand for a new vegan convenience food start-up

  • Fashion photography featured by a magazine in Japan


Current Creative and Content Manager – Tech Nation

This is a highly varied role, where I’ve built up a variety of strong skills, including knowledge of digital and print design for accessibility. The day to day of the role is a mix of video production and art direction, design and creative campaigns.

Significant Projects

Tech Nation Rebrand

• Creative direction of this £60,000 project. I conducted the initial assessment of the current branding to find strengths, weaknesses and accessibility issues to build the agency brief.

• Overall leadership of the project, including regular pitches and progress updates to our CEO. I used stakeholder management skills to engage team leaders in the business and make sure they were ready for a big branding change. I’m told I’m very articulate with good communication skills!

• The result was a new brand which met the accessibility requirements expected of a government-affiliated company, while looking modern and beautiful. Staff were more engaged in the brand, it restored a lot of pride in their work - it also improved credibility with external stakeholders.

“Every single person has nothing but amazing things to say about the brand and I think it says a lot for Nadina's ability to be creative but still remain within set guidelines.”


Tech Nation Report 2018 Video Series

  • Creative direction and art direction of a promotional campaign for our annual report.

  • Created an advertising concept and managed the delivery of it using an exteral agency; they produced a five-video series. I used research skills to create a series of twitter threads and blogs to promote the video series and give shout-outs to great organisations in the UK - the series was incredibly positively received by our audience.

  • The series has over 300,000 organic views on twitter and re-tweets from notable figures such as Sadiq Khan and Magic Magid. It also beat last year’s viewing figures in a single day.

  • The videos themselves featured real people from the tech industry from a variety of backgrounds including different regions, races, genders and ages.

“She talks directly to our audience and has increased Tech Nation's brand awareness, which in the end leads more companies and individuals to trust us, our offering, and our purpose.”


Rising Stars Competition Promotion Video Series

  • Creative direction and strategy to encourage entries for our national pitch competition.

  • Created the concept for a campaign which helped us to double competition entries from the previous year. Video advertising drew 20% of total entries, and helped us meet our diversity targets of 30% female founder entries and at least 10 entries from each region of the UK.

“Every campaign, especially video, that Nadina has ran has been successful. The Rising Stars video campaign being a great example of this. If she has ran one that hasn't been successful, we have gained really useful insights from what not to do and she has explained and expressed them clearly.”


Visa Animations

  • Creation of two short animations and a supporting suite of design assets to promote the Tech Nation Visa via social media and paid advertising.

  • The two animations gained 65,000 clicks, at an average of £0.03p per click, compared to a company average of 25p. They lead to 1,700 downloads of our visa brochure and 325 qualified leads for the visa programme; a potential ROI of £162,500.

“Nadina values originality and quality. Content from the explore series in tech, to the trailblazing women, to the features she builds for programmes, they are consistently engaging and unique.”

2013—Current . Freelance Creative

I’ve really enjoyed the variety of projects and clients that freelance work provides, and undertake video, illustration, graphic design and social media projects.

Significant Projects

Plant Pod Branding Design

  • Creation of branding and graphic design for an upcoming vegan food brand

  • I created branding, a style guide, website, social media assets and print collateral. The branding has been commented on positively at trade shows and helped the fledgling brand gain more social media followers; important for a lifestyle start-up


Womxn is Work with FACT Liverpool

  • My role was as a self-shooting director and video editor, I was the first female filmmaker ever used by FACT in their 15 year history.

  • I created a headline film and series of short video clips for FACT to promote one of their art projects. The video has been used as a promotional piece to apply for further funding.

Previous positions

2017—2018 Multimedia Content Producer – Tech Nation

2016—2017 Digital Content Producer – Red Ninja Studios

2015—2016 Marketing Assistant – Liverpool School of English


2012—2013 MA Fashion Media Production – Merit London College of Fashion

2009—2012 BA English Language, Linguistics and Creative Writing – 2:1 Lancaster University

Awards and Further Training

2018 SEO for Wordpress with the Social Media Geek

2016 Digital Storytelling Short Course – University of Birmingham

2015 Social Media for International Markets Training

2013 British Museum and UAL Manga Illustration Prize

2012 Lancaster University Scholarship for English Language

2008 Young Writer of the Year – Liverpool Athenaeum